Knowledge and experience with personalised care

As a degree qualified Naturopath, Tanya is experienced in supporting a diverse range of health conditions, both acute and chronic.

Winner of the prestigious Australian Clinic of the Year in Natural Medicine for 2021 judged by governing body ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society), feedback from Tanya’s clients who nominated her and her clinic for this award, highlighted the level of personalised care and thoroughness of Tanya’s approach combined with the comprehensive nature of her detailed treatment plans.  When working with any condition, this approach is what stands Tanya apart as every person is unique and often health conditions and symptoms can be the “perfect storm” of numerous different factors.  Taking the time to understand what these factors are is a critical component of successful treatment.


Treatment Approach

Tanya’s naturopathic treatment takes a holistic view of each patient in assessing health imbalances including physical, emotional, mental, environmental, and occupational– not simply the symptoms.

Her approach to health blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine to restore health and prevent further disease, understanding the specific factors that are causing an individual’s health problems.  

Tanya also spends considerable time researching and has written numerous website blogs to support her clients and the broader community.  You will find relevant education pieces under the specific condition pages to support you.

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