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Reclaiming your energy levels

Tanya’s passion as a naturopath is to support her client’s “step by step” in reclaiming their energy levels.  Chronic fatigue like most chronic conditions is most often than not the “perfect storm” of a number of issues that finally reach a tipping point.

Tanya’s investigations are always very thorough for her clients and whilst everyone is unique in the causes, common things to consider alongside blood tests results from a GP are thyroid, iron levels, blood glucose levels, diet and any nutrient deficiencies, stress levels (term of constant stress), sleep history, gut issues, allergies, post-natal depletion, hormonal imbalances and more.  Getting to the core reason for your exhaustion is critical when reclaiming day-time energy.

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Reclaiming your energy and motivation

My blog today is less technical compared to what I normally provide my readers and more of a thought piece as to what I have been experiencing in clinic as I work with clients over January and February of 2023.

The concerning trend is the number of individuals I am supporting who are starting the year already feeling burnt out and fatigued.  How can that be?  Normally, I see this trend starting in October.  Well, I definitely have some thoughts on this to share.

One would expect that after a long Christmas break which occurs for many people in Australia, that people would greet the new year feeling restored,  motivation levels replenished with a positive attitude.  This is not what I am finding.

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Treating Chronic Fatique

There is also a very fine line between chronic fatigue and low mood combined with anxiety.  Nothing is enjoyable and the normal KPI’s of daily life  can become incredibly difficult.

Tanya often prescribes herbal medicines known for improving energy during the day and other herbal medicines may be required for improving sleep, reducing anxiety, improving mood, and balancing healthier digestion.  Diet and lifestyle suggestions will always be a key part of Tanya’s gentle guidance at this challenging time for people.

Chronic Fatique Resources

Tanya has a specific educational blog that may offer support for reclaiming energy when chronically fatigued.  If you seek a thorough naturopathic investigation and treatment plan for supporting your energy levels, please book an initial naturopathic consultation with Tanya below.

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