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A holistic approach to Heart Health

Tanya supports individuals who seek holistic strategies to help manage their cardiovascular condition.  Often this is as part of a broader health team that will include a GP, cardiologist, and naturopath.  Tanya ensures that any herbal medicines and supplements are not contraindicated and will only prescribe safely.  

In addition to supporting heart health, hypertension and other specific cardiovascular conditions, Tanya also supports her clients who have a strong family history of cardiovascular issues in their family and are keen for preventative strategies.

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Treating Cardiovascular Health

Managing high cholesterol, prediabetes and prehypertension are important for optimal cardiovascular health combined with stress reduction, weight control and adequate sleep.

Tanya will often prescribe herbal medicine and supplements to improve blood flow, support more regular heartbeats and palpitations, support heart function and reduce cholesterol.  Often well researched antioxidants in diet and supplements may be prescribed to help maintain the health of the blood vessels and balance cholesterol.  

A focus on reducing stress and improving sleep are also important due to the role they both play in heart health.

Cardiovascular Health Resources

Naturopathic treatments offer significant support to in cardiovascular and heart related conditions and if you seek a thorough naturopathic investigation and treatment plan for managing your condition more holistically, please book an initial naturopathic consultation with Tanya below.

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Fried salmon with asparagus, tomatoes, lemon, yellow lime on white plate

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