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The importance of a healthy liver cannot be underestimated when supporting optimal health.  As a naturopath, Tanya places enormous emphasis on healing and protecting liver function due to the role it plays.  The liver plays a critical role in a whole range of processes within the body including detoxification of harmful toxins that we are exposed to, making cholesterol, balancing blood glucose levels, regulating sex hormones, making bile, storing vitamins, manufacturing of important blood proteins and much more. 

Support a healthy liver.

A holistic approach to Liver Health & Detoxification

Tanya will always assess obvious liver function from liver function tests often performed in standard blood tests by your GP and this provides valuable information of liver damage however many conditions and symptoms are also linked to liver health.

Whether it be insulin resistance driving non-alcoholic fatty liver disease,  or digestive issues causing liver damage or hormonal imbalance that needs a well performing liver, naturopathic medicine, dietary strategies and holistic care can be valuable in supporting not only liver health but a range of health conditions.  

Liver Health & Detoxification Resources

Tanya’s educational blogs on the liver are to support sufferers.  Naturopathic treatments offer significant support to restoring liver health and if you seek a thorough naturopathic investigation and treatment plan for managing your condition, please book an initial naturopathic consultation with Tanya below.

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Support a healthy liver.

Liver Health & Detox

Whether you are interested in improving your liver function due to less than optimal liver function tests or symptoms have been identified that indicate suboptimal liver function or…

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