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Managing Chronic Pain

Treating health conditions that result in chronic pain for the sufferer is an area where naturopathic medicine can work alongside conventional treatment and management.

Tanya utilises her extensive naturopathic experience in supporting chronic pain which is complex and always unique for each person.  There are many conditions that contribute to chronic pain, and they include arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, endometriosis, inflammatory bowel disease, injuries, IBS and more.

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A holistic approach to Chronic Pain Management

Tanya focuses on taking the time to understand all aspects of chronic pain for her clients as the impacts are broad and can involve tissue and nerve damage, joint and muscle pain, emotional pain and stress, insomnia, mental health, energy levels and more.

Tanya also works closely with several mental health practitioners in her clinic who have experience in supporting individuals with chronic pain conditions and refers her clients should they require this level of support and understanding.

Chronic Pain Management Resources

Tanya’s educational blog on managing chronic pain in addition to conditions that involve chronic pain might provide further information to sufferers and if you seek a thorough naturopathic investigation and treatment plan for managing your pain more holistically, please book an initial naturopathic consultation with Tanya below.

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If you would like a thorough investigation and detailed treatment plan for managing chronic pain, please book an initial consultation with Tanya either face to face or via telehealth.

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