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Supporting Diet & Nutritional Deficiencies

Nutrition from food is always the cornerstone for Tanya when treating any condition.  Food is a powerful medicine like no other.  Lack of nutritious food and an excess of inflammatory foods can be devastating for optimal performance of both mind and body and is a huge contributor to mental health and disease.  

There are many circumstances that Tanya has supported her clients to a place of needing no herbal medicines or supplements for their wellbeing which is the way it should be.  Diet is the most powerful tool in many conditions.

Tanya’s thorough naturopathic process when working with clients ensures that dietary requirements for each client are understood and compared against their dietary input.   Strategic dietary suggestions can then be strategically tailored to help restore optimal health or achieve goals.

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A holistic approach to Diet & Nutritional Deficiencies

There are many popular diets used for different purposes and Tanya will support clients in implementing healthy versions.  Whether it be keto, Paleo, intermittent fasting, vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, low FODMAP, autoimmune protocol or other well known protocols, Tanya promotes a realistic, clean and sustainable way of eating that will be unique to you and will cater for your requirements.

Whether you are needing to review your diet for weight management, menopause, digestive disturbance, arthritis, PCOS, diabetes, depression, weight loss, high cholesterol, heart and cardiovascular issues, chronic fatigue or otherwise, a detailed naturopathic assessment with Tanya will provide you with resources to put in place and refer to in your health journey.

Diet & Nutritional Deficiencies Resources

Tanya’s educational blogs on different diets, conditions that may deplete you and ways of improving certain nutrients are listed below.  If you seek a thorough naturopathic investigation and treatment plan, please book an initial naturopathic consultation with Tanya below.

Fried salmon with asparagus, tomatoes, lemon, yellow lime on white plate

The Mediterranean Diet & Why it is Superb for Health

Most of my clients who are being supported naturopathically are recommended to incorporate some version of the Mediterranean diet into their lives.  We may alter it depending on…

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Paleo diet. Healthy high protein and low carbohydrate products

The Paleo Diet

With so many different diets out there, it can be difficult to figure out which diets are truly healthy and which are simply hype. Some diets, such as the paleo diet, have surged in…

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Cooking green smoothie in a blender on a light background. Close up. Fresh green smoothie in a blender. Top view. Freshly prepared vegetarian smoothies from shpenata cabbage and kale.

Is your Smoothie healthy or is it contributing to poor health?

As a naturopath, I meet so many people in my clinic who are genuinely focussed on improving their health and believe wholeheartedly that their morning smoothie is the healthiest meal of…

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Plant-based Protein Performance in Health

Plant-Based Proteins | Healthy Options for Meat-Free Meals

The concept of “Meat Free Mondays” is something that has been gaining traction in recent years, often for the environmental benefits of reducing our overall meat consumption. But…

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Magnesium Benefits: What is all the fuss about?

Magnesium benefits the body by playing a critical role in over 300 important processes in the body every day. This little mineral surely packs a…

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Healthy product sources of iron rich in fe

Supporting your Iron Deficiency – Naturopathic Tips

Iron deficiency is a very common condition that I see in my naturopathy clinic in Sydney.  What many people don’t realise is that it plays a role in many important body processes.   A deficiency in iron can…

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Railway Turnout Ketones/Glucose

The Ketogenic Diet 101

If you’ve ever looked into changing your diet or eating habits, you would have no doubt come across the ketogenic diet. But what exactly is it, and is it really better than…

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anna-pelzer-IGfIGP5ONV0-unsplash - 2

Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition: Nutrients You Might be Missing

Vegan and vegetarian diets are becoming increasingly popular as people move towards more sustainable lifestyles and can be wonderfully healthful ways of eating. Eating a…

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Calcium Benefits and Deficiency Causes

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body with 99% stored in your teeth and bone. It is critical for many functions of human health including…

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Maternity love. Young mom sleeping with her baby, panorama with empty space, top view

Post Natal Depletion

The postpartum period, also known as “the fourth trimester”, is a time of immense physical and emotional change, as you not only recover from pregnancy and childbirth, but also move into a brand new…

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