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Tanya supports weight loss in a holistic and gentle manner.  Whether her clients are wanting to improve their overall health, fertility outcomes, cardiovascular health or simply want to be the healthiest version of themselves, Tanya offers a wealth of experience & end to end support.

From her experience as a naturopath, weight loss can be complex and each person is very unique as to what may be driving weight gain or hindering weight loss.  Tanya is well educated on a range of scientifically proven dietary strategies however it is always important to understand the key reasons why weight has become an issue for someone. 

Whilst it can be simply related to a lack of understanding as to what to eat and when to eat it or a having a low performing thyroid gland, blood glucose abnormalities or menopause, more often than not it is the perfect storm of a number of different things that may be at play.

Plant-based Protein Performance in Health

A holistic approach to Weight Loss

A thorough naturopathic investigation is always taken by Tanya when it comes to supporting her clients with their weight goals.  Tanya sees many people in her clinic who are chronically exhausted & burnt-out or chronically stressed, not sleeping well, anxious or low in mood.  

Restoring energy is critical for successful weight loss and so is optimal sleep and improving resilience to stress as all of these triggers can keep someone in more of a fat storage mode.

Tanya supports postnatal weight reduction, menopausal weight balancing, emotional eating, low metabolism and more.  She also works closely with a team of experienced mental health practitioners in her clinic to support clients who may need additional support in their healthy weight journey. 

There are several different diets that clients have previously tried or are keen to try and Tanya has written numerous blogs below to support her clients as they focus on their healthy weight education.  Each person’ situation is unique however and recommendations are prepared with that in mind.

Weight Loss Resources

Whatever is driving your weight gain or difficulty in losing weight, Naturopathic treatments offer significant support and if you seek a thorough naturopathic investigation and treatment plan for improving your situation, please book an initial naturopathic consultation with Tanya below.

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